what is startup company and what makes a startup successful

There is a term known entrepreneurship that is slipping into everybody’s dictionary. It is the basis of starting a new venture, i.e. Startup Company. In layman language it can be defined as a business setup which will demand maximum hours for various functions like reaching maximum people, raising its market value but in the end, … Read more

Sampling: Meaning, Types, Factors Affects, and Procedure

Sampling is studied in the probability section of mathematics. Likewise in the research method sampling plays an important role. It is clearly evident that not whole population can be involved in any observation. Thus according to the demand and process involved, a certain amount of people are taken and it is called sampling. W.G Cochran … Read more

What is the concept of Phratry Concept?

Phratry is a Greek terminology whose meaning his brother. In the starting of human era say around 2nd century BC, there was a division of Greek tribes and the division was known as Phratry. They shared a common kinship and brotherhood was the relation between them. For example, in the present situation, people of the … Read more

What is meant by Philosophy and ways of Approach

Philosophy is a Greek term which literally means the achieving of knowledge at its best. Philosophy is concerned with studying perceptions, theories, articulations, problems, situations and relationship patterns. In more context way it is the whole study of human behavior and psychology related to almost everything. Pythagoras was the one to come up with this … Read more

Penology Concept, Meaning, Functions and Role

PENOLOGY: Francis Lieber was the sociologist who coined the term penology which means punishment for criminals. Sociology has many branches in which there is a criminology branch which studies the actions and thought the process of a criminal mind. to say in simple words it means deciding penalty charges for the person is guilty. its … Read more

Peasant: meaning, history and their present situation

Peasant: Our society has seen class stratification and peasants were mainly in the lower class. The peasant is mainly comprised of a high percentage in developing countries. For example, India has almost seventy percent of peasants from the total population. They are mainly seen as cultivating crops and the shortage of money can pass into … Read more

Plural Society definition and Meaning

Plural society is simple words mean the integration of different communities who practice different culture, languages, and beliefs. For example, in any school, it is not mandatory to collect students from the same language or culture. Different students belonging to different class study altogether and it can be seen as the very basis of teaching … Read more