Book Review: Some Truths Lie Beneath by Rebecca Colt Aslan

Revisiting the past demands courage; when done with sensibility, the life experiences can provide a better understanding of ourselves. The book denotes that accepting unpleasant times is an act of healing, and we have the power to decide the course of our lives. ‘Some Truths Lie Beneath’ is a bundle of twists and turns life … Read more

Book Review: Yes, Again: (Mis)adventures of a Wishful Thinker

A resilient and joyful life story of love, grief, and hope, this memoir is a remarkable piece of writing. Sallie’s adventurous search for a companion is a bumpy ride. The potential matches, failed dates, and everything else are an attempt at finding a near-perfect man.As the pages turn, the words bring humor, shock, buzz, and … Read more


Life itself is a long experience of how we come into this world and make a living and then how we die. This is something each individual has to go through. The only thing that matters is the time some may have a long life while some may have a short life in this world. … Read more