The Cost of Living by Daisy DeMay: Book Review

In life, there is suffering. Every human meets trial and tribulation, with the several tests placed before them across their lifetime – but could a person endure so much pain and still live to tell the tale? Is it possible for a person to salvage their life after every single aspect of it has been … Read more


A symphony of meditative verses adorned in the hues of forget-me-not blue, softly whispering life’s secrets into our eager ears! In ‘The Blue Whale Sings From Afar,’ Mexico-based poet Josefina Bérard crafts verses softly, just like, in her own words, some ‘‘unicorns floating on the sea” under four primary themes, each embodying a different season. … Read more

Exploring ‘Harvest’: An In-Depth Interview with Professor Emeritus Richard Scharine

Short Bio: Richard Scharine was born in the back room of a Wisconsin farmhouse, went to a one room grade school, and rode a school bus 52 miles to high school. He is currently a professor emeritus in the University of Utah theatre department, where his honors include University Professor, University Diversity Award, and College … Read more

Online Social Sciences Writing Competition 2023 by the Sociology Group

Are you a budding intellectual? On the lookout for a space where you can indulge in your curiosity, express your love for the liberal arts and share your ideas for a revolutionary vision of the social sciences throughout all streams of knowledge?  Well, look no further because Sociology Group, an organisation that strives to promote … Read more

How to Develop Effective Academic Writing Workshops for High School Students

Link to Image Academic writing workshops can be considered as ‘teaching sessions’ that attempts to provide knowledge about the different styles of academic writing to students. In the current context, these academic writing workshops are conducted in various educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, seminars including community education programs. Moreover, the main goal of … Read more

How individuals make sense of their social life in a Metropolis living in a Digitalised world

Abstract- Individuals have a starkly different social life in Metropolis than in comparison to other cities or rural cities. However, this paper is not necessarily about the comparison between rural and urban life. But, this paper centers around the Metropolis and how individuals make sense of their social life living in cities. With the advent … Read more

Knowing Thyself during a Pandemic: A Sociological Exploration of Retrospective Narratives on Self-Knowledge in India

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic along with its havoc impacts on macro social institutions such as education, religion, economy, technology, etc., influenced the knowledge of self, which became a significant part of the micro experiences during the lockdown. To be specific, the prolonged “social distancing” created a rupture in their pre-pandemic busy lifestyle and gave the … Read more

Cyberbullying Among Youngsters

Cyberbullying among teenagers is an increasingly urgent problem, with significant implications for the physical, mental, and social health of adolescents. This literature review will examine the state of research on cyberbullying among teenagers, the psychological and social impacts of cyberbullying, and potential interventions and preventative measures. Youth now possess a higher level of understanding when … Read more