What is the concept of Phratry Concept?

Phratry is a Greek terminology whose meaning his brother. In the starting of human era say around 2nd century BC, there was a division of Greek tribes and the division was known as Phratry. They shared a common kinship and brotherhood was the relation between them. For example, in the present situation, people of the same caste can be put under this category.

phratry meaning


It has been claimed that by Homer that from 2nd century the kinship has existed, although their role is not exactly defined by historians. The only function of this concept can be seen as building up the social institutions. For example in today’s world phratry can be seen in each and every aspect of the society be its class system, caste system or any group formation of same interest and background.

In earlier time to phratry was also seen as the very basis of entering into the citizenship and holding a vital place in the society too.

Phratry dominance has been registered at the time of Dark ages but its importance was collapsed during the Classical age. Because of this age experience formation of other powerful groups like political parties and churches. Even now today the dominance of political party is seen at various places.

to say in simple language denoted the same kinship and decent order in the tribe. But it was discovered later that it is not necessary that each and every one belongs to the same group (or say phratry).


They believed that it is the integration of many clans together in a decent and under this system, even if the difference can decide to split the ties with each other, there will be some sort of primitive thing left. For example even if the family ties are broken off due to some reasons then also the surname of every person of the family is same only.

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