About Sociology Group

Sociology Group

The Sociology Group originated in 2017, initially started by one person. We began as individual members, and now it has evolved into a group of individuals. This growth highlights our journey from a single individual’s initiative to a collective community. We are known for creative initiatives like social stories, where we share students’ academic journeys and experiences, whether it is success or failure. We aim for individuals to create an impact on society with their stories. We also conductMeet the Professor” interviews, where we have amazing conversations with professors, asking questions about their research, books, and teaching experiences. Essentially, it is to connect professors and our readers on this open free platform. We write book reviews and interview amazing authors to learn about their books and experiences. We help students with our articles and essays in their academics, and we entertain and raise awareness with our memes on social media.

Other works: We organize a social sciences writing competition every year in October, encouraging all students irrespective of their background to participate. Additionally, we run a suicide prevention awareness campaign and an essay writing competition every September. We donate 20% of our funds to animal and child welfare activities. We use our logo to promote gender inclusivity, and we believe our work always benefits social welfare.

If you want to be part of our team, become a freelancer in content writing or graphic design, apply here! Also, follow us on social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram.