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One might be taken aback if asked on their take on Marxism, class struggle and difference between bourgeoisie and proletariats. However, if we ask you a similar question, in a different way, say, how about the difference in treatment meted out to a factory worker and that of to Bill Gates, the world’s richest person? What do they eat in a day, where do they stay and how do they travel? You won’t be half as surprised as you were while answering the previous question. While the former owns hardly an apartment of their own and finds it difficult to meet their regular needs, the latter accounts for the maximum wealth and have access to all the scarce resources. The worker can be referred to as a proletariat (economically weak and laborious) and Gates would generally represent the bourgeoise (the one who owns private properties and controls the economic production). Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Similarly, the process of socialisation would sound familiar if we say that it’s all about how you’ve been brought up. Are you still wondering what bureaucracy, power, class, alienation and kinship mean? We are here to help you find the right answers!

Ours is a youth-led virtual learning platform with dedicated social scientists and students. We aim at providing virtual guidance to the ones taking their first steps into the world of Social Science, either through formal education or because of their never-ending quest for learning. We believe in sharing with our readers the knowledge that we have gained, through simple transcription of social theories and their real-life application. We also believe in the power of knowledge in making the world a better place to thrive and survive.

The socio-political arenas that we deal with, ranging from academic writing and sociological word-stock to quizzes which provide one with an opportunity to self-evaluate, have been as diverse as our members are, both geographically and in terms of their expertise. Besides, we strongly believe in the power of community and unanimity. Your opinions and ideas matter to us the most. Take a leap, step up and publish your articles on our website. Come on, you are just a click away. If you have a knack for writing on socio-politically relevant subjects which are original in the sense that you haven’t published them anywhere or haven’t plagiarized someone else’s work (that’s a crime, a social problem, mind you), you are always welcome to claim your space and even join us in our endeavour!

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