Book Review: The Undiscovered Country by Diane Meyer Lowman

The Undiscovered Country: Seeing Myself Through Shakespeare’s Eyes by Diane Meyer Lowman What if you woke up one day to realise that most of your life has passed you by while you were trying to please others? What if you gambled all your potential away seeking other people’s validation but ended up with neither? A … Read more

The Cost of Living by Daisy DeMay: Book Review

In life, there is suffering. Every human meets trial and tribulation, with the several tests placed before them across their lifetime – but could a person endure so much pain and still live to tell the tale? Is it possible for a person to salvage their life after every single aspect of it has been … Read more

Development As Freedom By Amartya Sen: Book Review

The book “Development As Freedom” written by Amartya Sen begins with the concept of development and how development is perceived by a way of increasing freedom which people can celebrate, which is quite apparent and evident from the following example, Individual incomes can be an essential factor of liberty enjoyed by the members of society, … Read more


A symphony of meditative verses adorned in the hues of forget-me-not blue, softly whispering life’s secrets into our eager ears! In ‘The Blue Whale Sings From Afar,’ Mexico-based poet Josefina Bérard crafts verses softly, just like, in her own words, some ‘‘unicorns floating on the sea” under four primary themes, each embodying a different season. … Read more

HOUSE BOY by Lorenzo DeStefano: Book Review

You would have heard this sometime in your life that the Caste system is limited to India and the ‘West’ is free of any such evil form of stratification. Well, the novel- House Boy, provides ample evidence against the statement. The story of a 24-year-old Dalit boy, Vijay, who finds himself experiencing in England, what … Read more