Book Review: “The Past We Step Into” by Richard Scharine

“History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life, and brings us tidings of antiquity.” – Cicero Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to have experienced a part of American history? What it would have been like to hear … Read more

Book Review: Capital: A Critique of Political Economy. Volume I: The Process of Capitalist Production

Karl Marx (1818-83) was a German philosopher whose work had contributed to various fields such as economics, politics, sociology and history. Affected by the French Revolution and Industrial Revolution, his main focus was on ‘Class Conflict,’ especially between bourgeois and proletarians in capitalistic societies. The main aim of his work was to denote how capitalism … Read more

A Boy Who Loved Me by Wilson Semitti – Book Review

Accepting yourself is, by no means, an easy task. Everyone has had a moment in life where they felt like a different person from who they portray themselves as. This identity crisis, though one of the toughest phases of our lives, made us aware of our true selves. What we yearn for through this excruciating … Read more

Haldane Fall by Charles Kern – Book Review

Humanity has always entailed larger-than-life stories, people rising from mere existence to extraordinary destiny in pursuit of something greater than their desires. Such is the tale of Kertis Haldane, the fated sovereign who lost his loved ones to the cruel play of power, politics, and greed. With enemies eyeing for the destruction of his realm … Read more

Assassins Are Us by Kimberly Van Sickle – Book Review

Teenage life is a mess, and we all agree with it. Being stuck in a maze of friends, crushes, homework, college applications, and family drama is hard. Amidst the chaos that teenage life feels like, will you ever think about how an assassin’s life would be? Would you worry if the passenger sitting next to … Read more

Sadie and Charley Finding Their Way – Book Review

Who doesn’t want to be a child again? Who doesn’t want the days of carelessness and nights of contentment? But were they really carefree? What about all the confusion and conflict from observing the adult world? What about the helplessness of not understanding this world? In the book “Sadie And Charley (Finding Their Way),” Bonnie … Read more