15 Important Sociological Thinkers Quotes and Their Application

QUOTES OF 15 SOCIOLOGICAL THINKERS AND THEIR EXPLANATION AND APPLICATION IN DAILY LIFE Emile Durkheim Considered one of the most prominent figures of the functionalist perspective of sociological analysis, French sociologist Emile Durkheim is renowned for his efforts towards formalizing the field of sociology and establishing it in academia. He theorized some of the most … Read more

What is Social Gerontology? Scope, Importance, Examples

The article explains the meaning and scope of social gerontology and its significance in society. It also uses examples to explain different theories and perspectives on aging, such as disengagement theory, activity theory, and continuity theory. Later on, the article provides insight into the actions and steps taken by different countries for the elderly population … Read more

What is Deviance: Definition, Causes, Types, Theories, Examples

Deviance is deflecting from and rejecting socially acceptable standards. The article explains the meaning and definition of deviance. Further, it elaborates on what causes deviance within society. The article also explains the types and situations that give rise to deviant behaviour. It also highlights why deviance is important and required in society. Society is compared … Read more

What is Sociology? Definition, Evolution, Examples: Essay

Sociology is rich in scope, and it analyzes the significance of various social institutions in an individual’s life. This essay highlights the evolution of the discipline and, with the help of examples related to day-to-day life, further explains its implications. The essay also expounds on the contributions made to society by sociology. Additionally, it explores … Read more