What is Deviance: Definition, Causes, Types, Theories, Examples

Deviance is deflecting from and rejecting socially acceptable standards. The article explains the meaning and definition of deviance. Further, it elaborates on what causes deviance within society. The article also explains the types and situations that give rise to deviant behaviour. It also highlights why deviance is important and required in society. Society is compared … Read more

What is Sociology? Definition, Evolution, Examples: Essay

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What is Social Development? Meaning, Types, Examples, Theories

To examines social change in society, social development is a broad notion that studies the overall transformation of people or groups through purposefully initiated policies. It should be highlighted that development and change are distinct concepts; unlike the latter, the former refers to a change that is intended or wanted. In this sense, we can … Read more

Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Social Research

Quantitative and Qualitative Social Research: This article defines the purpose of social research and its impact on day-to-day life. It also explains various research methodologies and tools that are used to analyse the different aspects of society and the research topic. Since the inception of Sociology as a discipline, research has been used at every … Read more