Hypothesis: Functions, Problems, Types, Characteristics, Examples

Basic Elements of the Scientific Method: Hypotheses The Function of the Hypotheses A hypothesis states what one is looking for in an experiment. When facts are assembled, ordered, and seen in a relationship, they build up to become a theory. This theory needs to be deduced for further confirmation of the facts, this formulation of … Read more

Three Approaches to study Indian society and culture by Western scholars

For the past many centuries, scholars have studied Indian society through various lenses. Many rulers have ruled the subcontinent of India, and it has been analyzed by multiple people differently. Studying the sociology of Indian society is an integral part of sociology. Bernard S. Cohn is the one classical sociologist that the students read about … Read more

Write a Short Note on Religious revivalism

Religious revivalism means the re-awakening of faith in religion in society. Revivalism happened in the 18th century in the west among the methodists. In India, Araya Samaj was a significant revivalist movement. ‘Shuddhi’ was one of its essential promises. However, religious revivalism does not seek to restore the old order. While Arya samaj asks one … Read more


The relationship between history and sociology is closely intertwined. Both inquiries were taken from Philosophy mother of all sciences from which emerged sociology (Philosophy of History) history and other social sciences (Bierstedt, 1970:4). “Sociology is the science which attempts the interpretive understanding of social action in order thereby to arrive at a causal explanation of … Read more