Globalization: Key Debates, Concepts, and Perspectives

Globalization Synopsis: This article defines globalization, provides some causes for the advancement of globalization, explores the different dimensions of globalization, presents three different perspectives through which the phenomenon has been examined, explores the relation between globalization and identity, and finally examines how globalization is connected to power and politics. In sociological terms, globalization can be … Read more

What is Modernization? Causes, Importance, Pros and Cons

Change is the only constant in the society and ‘Modernization’ is a continuous process that depicts social change. This process deals with the modern ways of life by adoption of modern values so that people could adapt to the changing society. Modernization could be equated with the development of science and technology that has remarkably … Read more

Positivism And Society – Essay

Since the introduction of the term “positivism” by the Father of Sociology, Auguste Comte, in the late 18th century, it has been widely practiced in the field of social science to elevate it to the position of a natural science. Positivism assumes that the only authentic knowledge is scientific knowledge that comes from the positive … Read more

What is Sociology of Cryptocurrency? All you need to know

This article briefly draws on the history of cryptocurrency, tries to define the sociology of cryptocurrency and analyses how various sociological theories have been used to understand the global phenomenon of cryptocurrency use and its impact on the world. Money’s origins are difficult to ascertain, for they have been shrouded in mystery. Some scholars think … Read more

What is Communism in Simple words? All you need to know

In this essay, we will go over Marx’s theory of the rise of communism, its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, and how some countries around the world have adapted to it. Karl Heinrich Marx (1818-1883) was a German philosopher and a pivotal figure in economic thought history. With the arrival of the industrial revolution and its … Read more

Sociology Dictionary: 50 Definitions of Sociological Concepts

The purpose of this sociology dictionary article is for beginners and non-sociology students to start learning or begin their learning in sociology. These are the common sociological definitions that we see repeatedly in our readings. This article helps the reader understand common definitions along with their current examples. 50 Imp Definitions of Sociological Concepts and … Read more