An Interview with Betsy Gal, Author of The Illusion of the Perfect Profession

Short Bio: Betsy Gall and her three children, Grady, Gavin, Sophie, and their dog Liberty, split their time between Charlotte, North Carolina and Minneapolis, Minnesota where she focuses on faith, family and friends. Betsy is an active real estate agent, investor, landlord and habitual remodeler. Betsy is speaking all over the country about physician suicide … Read more

An Interview with James W. Marquart, Author of Unthinkable: Who Kills Their Grandmother

Short Bio: James Marquart resides in Frisco, Texas with his treasured wife, Kimberly. They enjoy traveling, spending time with beautiful grandchildren, while relishing each other’s company, along with their sassy pup Abbey. James graduated with a BA in Law Enforcement from Western Illinois University, an MA in Sociology from Kansas State University, and Ph.D. In … Read more

Mastering Life’s Lessons: An Interview with John Augillard III

Short Bio: John Augillard III is an author, social worker, educator, communications trainer and life coach with over 20 years of experience working with teens, adults, marriages, businesses, and families. He has received numerous awards for service in the community as an educator and coach including several Teacher of the Month awards and various schools. … Read more