An Enemy Like Me by Teri Brown – Book Review

Teri Brown’s historical novel, “An Enemy Like Me,” focuses on the life of a soldier named Jacob Miller in World War II. Teri Brown overturns the popular idea of a glorious war hero by showing the daily life of Jacob Miller before the war. The ordinary human conflicts of the American soldiers outside the battlefield … Read more

10 Historians from the U.S. and their contributions

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a historian is “a student or writer of history, one who produces a scholarly synthesis”. Apart from this concise meaning, a historian is also a person who preserves and transmits old traditions and ideas forward to the next generation, they become responsible for the structuring of the world. The United … Read more

Role of the Brahmo Samaj in Social Movements – Women Empowerment

Role of the Brahmo Samaj in social movements aimed at improving the position of Women in Bengal The position of women in society as a topic of discussion can more often than not, be summarised into one single word – abysmal. The overwhelming presence that patriarchal societies possess, across the globe is arguably the first … Read more

American Civil War (Summary): History, Causes, Events

The American Civil War Summary: The United States has a short history. It is dominated by two interconnected events, which are both wars. The first was the late-eighteenth century Revolutionary War, and the second was the mid-nineteenth-century Civil War. Although the first event is celebrated widely for providing the country with its independence, the American … Read more