Political Ecology: A Critical Introduction by Paul Robbins (Study Notes)

Ecology refers to the relationship between the human beings and their physical world or surroundings. Robbins inscribes about political ecology through an instance of East Africa. The ecology of East Africa is beautiful and on the same hand important. The flora and fauna (lions, hyenas, baboons etc.) gives the natives as well as the other … Read more


Gender diversity is an essential component that adds value to a company’s decision-making process, affecting its financial performance. Despite an increase in female literacy rates, gender inequality is still prevalent across the globe. Women’s participation in the labor force is meager. According to the SIGI (Social Institutions and Gender Index), which measures discriminatory laws, social … Read more

Question of agency: Interactionism, Structuralism and Male gaze

Introduction: Contributing to the debate of structure and agency, Erving Goffman and Talcott Parsons differentiates in their perspectives but their theories do not necessarily run parallel or opposite to each other, instead there are points of confluence. I would also argue that reading their work side by side enables one to understand more comprehensively the … Read more

Deviance, Disability, and Anomie – Essay in 4000 Words

It is a fact universally acknowledged that the world is burdened with extensive and pervasive social inequalities, most of which serve to target the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of society. As a result, persons in minority groups have been the recipients of countless forms of maltreatment and have been required to endure nearly constant … Read more

What is Sociology of Cryptocurrency? All you need to know

This article briefly draws on the history of cryptocurrency, tries to define the sociology of cryptocurrency and analyses how various sociological theories have been used to understand the global phenomenon of cryptocurrency use and its impact on the world. Money’s origins are difficult to ascertain, for they have been shrouded in mystery. Some scholars think … Read more

Sociology of Love : Theories, Types, Examples, Thoughts

Sociology of Love: This article explores the concept of Love, and explains the different types of Love It looks at love from a sociological lens. It then looks more closely at some of the classical and contemporary social thinkers’ perspectives on Love. The Social-Cultural Dimensions of Love  Sociology is generally understood as the study of … Read more