What is Sociology of Cryptocurrency? All you need to know

This article briefly draws on the history of cryptocurrency, tries to define the sociology of cryptocurrency and analyses how various sociological theories have been used to understand the global phenomenon of cryptocurrency use and its impact on the world. Money’s origins are difficult to ascertain, for they have been shrouded in mystery. Some scholars think … Read more

What is Double Consciousness in Sociology? Explained

The idea of double consciousness is well-known in social philosophy. This thesis, which William Edward Burghardt Du Bois (1868–1963) first proposed in his book “The Souls of Black Folk” (1903), continues to be his best work for setting forward a revolutionary viewpoint. It is essential to note that Du Bois was a Pan-Africanist Civil Rights … Read more

Cultural Globalization: Research on Globalization and Local Culture

Globalization of Culture: This thesis examines how globalization affects the world’s traditions and personalities, and how the effects of this blending of indigenous cultures with the rest of the world from the modern world order. Review of literature– Yogendra Singh, in Culture change in India: identity and globalization (2000). This book investigates Changes in cultural … Read more

Sociology of Childhood: Significance, Social Construction, Examples

Childhood is a significant period in the lives of most individuals, and it is generally considered to be a natural biological stage of development that heavily influences one’s thoughts, ideas and attitudes. This article will mainly discuss the period of childhood from a sociological perspective, focusing on the notion of childhood as believed by society. … Read more