Broken Promises: A critical examination of the Indian State’s approach to Caste Violence since Independence

The paper attempts to critically evaluate the Indian State’s Approach to caste violence against specific communities in a caste-ridden society which condones such violence through its inaction and ambivalence. Through a review of the existing literature, an attempt has been made to investigate the structural nature of the violence which is densely woven into the … Read more


ABSTRACT: Contemporary discourses have come to associate the hijab and the veiled woman with gender-oppressive customs in Islam. This meaning was created and perpetuated by the Western hegemonic discourses, which have homogenized, reified, de-contextualized, and ‘otherized’ it. The Muslim veil has also been politicized, making it a heavily contested symbol that needs to be understood … Read more

Towards Understanding Disability – Sociology and Models of Impairment

Understanding and conceptualizing disability and impairment is crucial to the modern pursuit of social justice and therefore, is essential to academic study and sociology in general. The social sciences hold tremendous potential for bringing about true inclusion and total diversity to the world at large; however, this potential has not historically been fully realized, particularly … Read more

Globalization and Contemporary Issues – AS and A Level Notes

This article discusses some of the global contemporary issues, such as poverty, inequality, migration, and crime in relation to globalization. Introduction: Globalization, the interconnectedness and integration of markets, societies, and cultures, has had a profound impact on contemporary issues. As economies become increasingly interconnected, the effects of globalization are felt in various domains, including economics, … Read more