Knowing Thyself during a Pandemic: A Sociological Exploration of Retrospective Narratives on Self-Knowledge in India

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic along with its havoc impacts on macro social institutions such as education, religion, economy, technology, etc., influenced the knowledge of self, which became a significant part of the micro experiences during the lockdown. To be specific, the prolonged “social distancing” created a rupture in their pre-pandemic busy lifestyle and gave the … Read more

Online Social Sciences Writing Competition 2023 by the Sociology Group

Are you a budding intellectual? On the lookout for a space where you can indulge in your curiosity, express your love for the liberal arts and share your ideas for a revolutionary vision of the social sciences throughout all streams of knowledge?  Well, look no further because Sociology Group, an organisation that strives to promote … Read more

What do you understand by Sustainable development?

What do you understand by Sustainable development? Discuss the premises and problematic of sustainable development in the context of contemporary world. Today most of the government of the worlds are in the race of development. Economic prosperity and Global GDP growth is the proof these developments. However, to ensure that this growth is maintained, development … Read more

Representation of Bihar in Bollywood Movies

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to document the representation of Bihar in the Bollywood and to investigate the impact of these movies on the audiences of Bihar as well as those belonging to other states and how they decode these kinds of movies. Moreover, the attempt is made to understand why Bollywood have … Read more

Kirana stores and its integration in the global cities in India

Question: How is the experience of living in a global city intermeshed with the local? Abstract The main objective of this study is to analyse the impact of organised retailers (supermarket/hypermarket) on the unorganised retailers (Kirana store) that deal with the segment of food and grocery in the emerging global cities of India. The contemporary … Read more