Globalization and Contemporary Issues – AS and A Level Notes

This article discusses some of the global contemporary issues, such as poverty, inequality, migration, and crime in relation to globalization. Introduction: Globalization, the interconnectedness and integration of markets, societies, and cultures, has had a profound impact on contemporary issues. As economies become increasingly interconnected, the effects of globalization are felt in various domains, including economics, … Read more

India and Nuclear Disarmament

What is Disarmament? The model of disarmament is a conflict resolution model in the scope of international relations. A model whose primary objectives are to limit, reduce or outright abolish armed forces, which can range from arms to military equipment. The ultimate end goal being to coax competing states into negotiation rather than pursuing more … Read more

Farmers’ Suicides in India – Reasons and Solutions

Farmers’ Suicides in India: India is classified as an agrarian country, which means that around 70% of the people residing in the nation are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture for their survival. Most of the country’s rural areas support a very self-employed approach towards their livelihood; this essentially means that the Indian rural sector … Read more