Kirana stores and its integration in the global cities in India

Question: How is the experience of living in a global city intermeshed with the local? Abstract The main objective of this study is to analyse the impact of organised retailers (supermarket/hypermarket) on the unorganised retailers (Kirana store) that deal with the segment of food and grocery in the emerging global cities of India. The contemporary … Read more

Intersectionality is important to understand woman’s oppression

Intersectionality is a theoretical and analytical framework in sociology that highlights interconnectedness, complexity, and multiple types of overlapping discrimination that an individual may face depending on their race, gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity, physical ability, class, or any other characteristics that might locate them in the minority class (2017). In context of women’s oppression, this approach … Read more

Clothing in India: A Nationalist Discourse

The concept of Nation as an imagined community was developed by Benedict Anderson in his remarkable work ‘Imagined Communities’ published in 1983. Anderson rejects the assumptions that nation is a natural or inevitable entity. He asserts that nation is a cultural construct and they have aroused a deep sentiment among the citizen of any nation. … Read more

The Chamar Artisans: Industrialization, Skills and Social Mobility: Book Review

The Chamar Artisans: Industrialization, Skills and Social Mobility 1986 by Satish Kumar Sharma (Author) A brief abstract of the book The Chamars, who are the main subject of the book, have traditionally indulged in works like leather tanning, shoemaking, and dealing with the carcasses of dead animals in the village community, which is related to their hereditary … Read more

Education For All? Analysing Social Mobility and Academic Inequalities in India

India is burdened by distinct, rigid social hierarchies that mark almost all bureaucracies and institutions in the country, of which academia is certainly not an exception. For the longest time, the popular discourse has been that schooling and education in general, bring about certain benefits that ensure a secure route to upward social mobility (Froerer, … Read more