Karl Marx and Dr B R Ambedkar : Ideologies

Two of the most popular thinkers who raised their voice against the oppressed sections – socially or economically – are B.R. Ambedkar and Karl Marx. Ambedkar worked for the cause of the lower castes in the Indian context while Marx upheld the cause of the economically less powerful people belonging to the working class. Ambedkar … Read more

Why Hindu society lacks unity – Dr. B R Ambedkar Perpective

Ethnology has witnessed various societies that have survived through the primitive and advanced times but is it just about survival or do the quality of survival matter? Caste defenders have always tried to glorify the Hindu heritage but did they question their ignorance behind unnatural discrimination with untouchables? Have Hindus ever tried to think why … Read more

Caste in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis, and Development by B.R. Ambedkar

Hindu society is defined and associated with various institutions and the caste system is regarded as one of the social institutions which have foundations of social and moral codes in the Hindu society. But there are many disparities in the understanding of caste in itself. Caste has been largely seen as a functional unit by … Read more

Orientalism: A Critical Introduction & Analysis

Synopsis: Edward Said’s groundbreaking work ‘Orientalism’ critically analyses the western construction and interpretation of the orient, its subsequent biases, and imperialist tendencies What is Orientalism? The orient refers to eastern (most often colonized nations), most notably the Middle East and all of Asia. Edward Said’s most prominent work ‘Orientalism (1978)’ which set the foundation for … Read more