Orientalism: A Critical Introduction & Analysis

Synopsis: Edward Said’s groundbreaking work ‘Orientalism’ critically analyses the western construction and interpretation of the orient, its subsequent biases, and imperialist tendencies What is Orientalism? The orient refers to eastern (most often colonized nations), most notably the Middle East and all of Asia. Edward Said’s most prominent work ‘Orientalism (1978)’ which set the foundation for … Read more

Rule of Bureaucracy in the Indian Structure of Democracy ( Essay )

In a federal structure like India bureaucracy refers to the system that is run by an indirectly elected body of officials. It covers all the 2000 federal government agencies, divisions, departments & commissions. The three most tangible forms of bureaucracy include the social security administration, the internal revenue service & the veteran benefits organisation. It’s … Read more

Modernization of Indian Traditions by Yogendra Singh: Summary

ABSTRACT: The phrase ‘modernization in India’ has generated years’ worth of contentions and debates within academic circles. Perhaps it was with this view that renowned sociologist, Yogendra Singh (1973) wrote the book titled ‘Modernization of Indian Traditions (A Systematic Study of Social Change)’ As promised in its preface, the book offers valuable insights about not … Read more

Emergence and Development of Sociology in India

Unearthing the Emergence and Journey Sociology in India:  From a Biased, Prejudiced Opinion to a Flourishing Academic Discipline Sociology came about as an academic discipline post World War 1, however, it was initially faced by neglect and prejudices. It gained prominence post-independence when new bouts of nationalist and anti-colonial thoughts ensued, as a result of … Read more