What is Pygmalion Effect? And Everyday Examples

Synopsis: Studied both in fields of sociology and psychology, self-fulfilling prophecies help us understand how human perceptions and actions can shape other’s perceptions about themselves and direct their own actions. This article explores the Pygmalion effect with the use of some common, everyday examples. Introduction: Pygmalion Effect Take for instance that you are a student … Read more

Erik Erikson: Identity Crisis – Explained with 1000 Words

Abstract: The term ‘identity crisis’ was coined by psychoanalyst Erik Erikson who drew experiences from his own life in formulating the theory. He laid down eight phases of psychosocial development of the individual personality. Identity crisis is a phase in this development and usually occurs during the period of adolescence. There are two types of … Read more

Top 50 Interesting Qualitative Psychology Research Ideas

50 Qualitative Psychology Research Ideas: Examination projects can be challenging, especially when you can’t seem to find a particular area of interest that you can form your study about. This article compiles a few research ideas on categorised based on which psychological concepts suit your paper. Attachment Styles Attachment styles are the specific ways in … Read more

5 Major Child Development Theories and Examples

This essay explores a few theories about child development in the following criteria- Early Development Language Development Physical Development Cognitive Development Moral Development Early Development There are two types of factors that are important to an infant’s health: prenatal and postnatal factors. The prenatal factor relates to the mother, it implies the mother’s nutrition and … Read more

Psychodynamic Theory ( Approach ): All you need to know

Introduction: The psychodynamic approach, often called the psychoanalytic theory, understands and examines personality and behaviour in terms of the unconscious psychological processes that take place. Many researchers have heavily criticised the approach for not having substance or empirical evidence to back up their claims, nonetheless, it has played a significant role in the development and … Read more