Feminist Psychology: Karen Horney, Scope, and Feminist Therapy

“Feminist Psychology is the application of feminist ideology and ethics, which emphasizes the effect of social expectations and context on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to research and practice in psychology.” The field aims at improving the lives of women through research, clinical practice, and social advocacy that focus on women and girls and social contexts … Read more

What are the 8 Major Perspectives in Psychology? Explained

Major Perspectives in Psychology Synopsis: Psychology is currently defined as “the science of behavior and cognitive processes” (Baron & Kalsher, 2003). However, psychology is a fairly new discipline and has a history of differing opinions on what the focus of the field should be and the manner in which human behaviour should be studied. The … Read more

What is the Online Disinhibition Effect? Explained in 1200 Words

Synopsis: The online disinhibition effect is a phenomenon that seeks to explain why individuals feel like they can express themselves more openly in cyberspaces, without the fear of consequence. Dissociative anonymity, invisibility, asynchronicity, solipsistic introjection, dissociative imagination, and minimisation of status and authority are factors that have been found to cultivate this sense of online … Read more

Projective Techniques/Tests: Types, Pros, Cons & Examples

Projective techniques are a commonly used but highly controversial method of conducting qualitative research. Projective testing techniques were originally developed in the 1960s for use in the field of clinical psychology. In the domain of psychology, they refer to a type of personality test that exposes participants to a series of ambiguous stimuli such as … Read more

Psychology in Everyday Life: Importance, Applications & Examples

Psychology in Everyday Life: Contrary to the popular notion that psychology is utilised only by students of the discipline or professionals in the field, the science of behaviour is an intricate component of our daily lives. Psychology, as a discipline, is used to understand various other domains of human society because human behaviour is the … Read more