Book Review: Last Worst Hopes by Lee Hunt

Imagine waking up in the world of witches, demons, knights, kings, and every magical realm you have ever imagined. What will be the first thing you do if you know such a world exists? You will probably be curious and want to find the doors to such a world, right? If yes, then Lee Hunt’s “Last Worst of Hope” is the door you’re looking for.

The dreamland of every fiction reader. The mysterious world every fantasy fiction fan ever imagined, the unexpected collaborations of different fantasy characters and worlds. A world where the policy of greater good is followed. The victory of morality over immorality and many other virtues. Lee created a mysterious world with different dimensions, tracing pathways to every one of them so that you can’t get lost in them while exploring. As the page turns, sometimes you will be at the peak, and at other times you will be hitting rock bottom with your emotions. And in between these waves of emotions, your hunch will tell you that this is not the end, it can’t be ended like that, and you will find yourself at the door of another dimension. You will feel that rush of adrenaline in your body while turning the pages.

The plot and storyline are created with so much intensity that they will keep you hooked on your seat and make you crave more. The reader can be scared, furious, amazed, happy, sad, and emotional, but not bored, while on this adventurous journey. The plot will leave you in shock and amazement. You might feel while reading that you guessed the story right, but as the story progresses, you’ll find yourself surrounded in disbelief. The author created a story like a puzzle, you can’t picture it until you find every piece of it, and the pieces get changed as you move forward. You have to be quick-witted and observe everything to get those pieces for the mystery to get solved as quickly as you can, as the mystery can make you impatient at times.

The book is set in the conditions after the Methuyen War, posing many questions and answering each of them differently. There’s only one hero in a book, but this book breaks this down and shows everyone can be a hero in different situations—the situations that bring the best out of their strengths, and they can fight in them. Everyone is a hero with some special powers that cannot be used in every situation, but when a particular situation arises, their power holds the most weight. The author portrayed this well through characters like Mick, Val, and Farah. At times, you will feel proud of some characters and root for them till the end.

Another notable detail by the author is the use of gender-neutral terms. The “sir” is used for the warrior characters in the book regardless of their gender and sex, quite a detail to take care of to attract the audience, who are always searching for a change in stories, which can feel like we predicted them, that’s so easy, but they are not, we got tricked. It is more like the feeling when you fall for the soft characters, feel sad for them, and hate the roughest ones, but when you find out that’s not the scenario, you will be shocked that probably you aren’t seeing that coming.

The mystery, emotions, and intellect, a blend of these constitute the storyline. The author’s depiction of how embarrassment and glory can turn into actual bravery and rediscovery of oneself is so good that it is such a treat for the reader’s mind and provides them with a new perspective. One can learn from this book how awkward situations can be used in their advantage. And being embarrassed is not that big of a deal, we make of it, it’s all about how we see ourselves and the situations we are in. The more we believe in ourselves, the more we will be confident. The author tries his best to make you reflect on yourself while exploring these dimensions. Every dimension will make you reflect more on yourself while longing for the characters.

The author takes the reader to the heights of excitement and leaves them there. The use of jargon in various dimensions and a variety of characters make it a good read for mystery, fantasy, fiction, action, magic, and thriller readers. This book is such a treat for fantasy fiction readers. For fantasy fiction readers looking for magic and thrills at the same time, this book is for you. You won’t be disappointed after reading this book, and you will surely want to urge the author to come up with a second part or something like that. The readers would find themselves in a different world, escaping reality and joining other characters in their adventurous journey.

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