Top 100+ Dissertation Topics Ideas for Assignments, Research

100+ Interesting Sociology Dissertation Topics for your Research, Essay Writing, Assignments, Thesis: This article portrays the significant role of research in sociology since its inception. It explains the difficulties sociologists and students go through while doing their research. Furthermore, it explains in brief the methodologies and tools used in a social research. The article highlights … Read more

Youth in Politics: Challenges, Importance, Role (Essay and Debate)

Political participation: overview and faced challenges “Where few take part in decisions there is little democracy; the more participation there is in decisions, the more democracy there is” (Verba & Nie, 1972). The present statement proves that the political presence of different individuals has a huge impact on democracy and policy. Hence, the present article … Read more


Whenever we hear the term – “International Migrations”, the first image which comes into our mind is of Rohingyas crossing the Myanmar Border and heading towards Bangladesh or India, or Syrian Refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea to seek refuge in South European countries like Italy and Greece so that they could save their lives. The … Read more