Fourth Wave of Feminism: Everything You Should Know

Historical Context and Background: The fourth wave of feminism shares the core ideas of third-wave feminism, like sex-positivity and intersectionality but what sets them apart is the heavy use of the internet for spreading the feminist agenda. Even before that, information and communication technologies were used (like social media platforms like Twitter, blogs, and Instagram) … Read more

The Second Wave of Feminism: A Comprehensive Overview

Historical Context and Background: Second wave of feminism emerged in post world war II western world. The 1960s, 1970s and 1980s were the decades when second wave was at its peak. The phrase ‘second wave’ was coined by Journalist Martha Lear in the article titled “The Second Feminist Wave: What Do These Women Want?” During … Read more

Understanding First Wave Feminism: Everything You Should Know

Historical Context and Background: First-wave feminism had a connection to both the liberal women’s rights movement and early socialist feminism. It was a common belief (during those times) that rationality as an intellectual trait was not possessed by women. Thus they always needed a man to take decisions for them. Till the age they were … Read more


The challenges that feminism as a critical and activist paradigm faces come from academic fields existing outside feminism and also from within feminism as an ideology. Since the advent of feminism, it has struggled a lot to get accepted and gain legitimacy as a theoretical and research paradigm in the academic community. First, it faced … Read more

4 Waves of Feminism Summary: A Comprehensive Overview

At present, women constitute almost half of the total human population in the world. For the most part of our human history, both women as a group and their interests were kept at the fringes. Their views and issues were not even recognized as part of academic and non-academic discourse, let alone being discussed. Feminist … Read more