Synopsis: There has been a long-standing debate about whether a person’s gender is biologically-defined or ascribed to them based on social constructions. Feminist theory divides sex and gender into two distinct aspects of individuals’ identity, thereby separating the biological and the social. This article explains the difference between sex, or the biological, and gender, or … Read more

Top 10 American Feminists and Their Contributions

American Feminists: Feminism is a movement and discourse exploring the pertinent question that has become politically commonplace in contemporary society. It asks the question: ‘why is there inequality between the genders?’ The feminist discourse not only explores the social dimensions of this issue but also the philosophical, economic and political aspects of it. While the … Read more

Role of the Brahmo Samaj in Social Movements – Women Empowerment

Role of the Brahmo Samaj in social movements aimed at improving the position of Women in Bengal The position of women in society as a topic of discussion can more often than not, be summarised into one single word – abysmal. The overwhelming presence that patriarchal societies possess, across the globe is arguably the first … Read more