Gender diversity is an essential component that adds value to a company’s decision-making process, affecting its financial performance. Despite an increase in female literacy rates, gender inequality is still prevalent across the globe. Women’s participation in the labor force is meager. According to the SIGI (Social Institutions and Gender Index), which measures discriminatory laws, social … Read more

Knowing Thyself during a Pandemic: A Sociological Exploration of Retrospective Narratives on Self-Knowledge in India

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic along with its havoc impacts on macro social institutions such as education, religion, economy, technology, etc., influenced the knowledge of self, which became a significant part of the micro experiences during the lockdown. To be specific, the prolonged “social distancing” created a rupture in their pre-pandemic busy lifestyle and gave the … Read more

Cyberbullying Among Youngsters

Cyberbullying among teenagers is an increasingly urgent problem, with significant implications for the physical, mental, and social health of adolescents. This literature review will examine the state of research on cyberbullying among teenagers, the psychological and social impacts of cyberbullying, and potential interventions and preventative measures. Youth now possess a higher level of understanding when … Read more


In the academic book report authored by Zeynep Akma, bearing the identification number 20220209005, the primary focus centers on the book titled “Sosyoloji ve Antropoloji” written by Marcel Mauss. This notable work was originally published by Doğu Batı in the year 2005, comprising a substantial 663 pages. The edition under review is the one from … Read more