Motivational Speech to Help Prevent Suicidal Thoughts

Now the most important question arises, What is the cause of suicidal thoughts? Is the problem being so big that it cannot be tackled up? Is the problem being so huge that ending one’s life is the only the solution? What’s worth noticing is that depression is a major step in an individual’s life that these suicidal tendencies tend to develop in them? After a period of time people just get worn-torn down and they become less and less happy.

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Depression can affect everyone and anyone. Despite the fact that they are rich or poor, young or old or whatever to the religion or to the race they belong to. Depression is a medical condition dealing with the functioning of brain chemicals and emotions that makes any person susceptible. Pain is another factor that could cause depression. Pain could be due to failing in romance, divorce, separation, bad relationship or it could be just a bad physical appearance. There is no satisfaction to one’s physicality.

If a person is suffering from suicidal tendency they wouldn’t take any initiative or any incentive or any steps showering and grooming as it is a good indication as to a person wiping out a personal sense of their insecurities. These bunch of people wouldn’t take much effort to look good or to look nice.

It is appropriately said that” Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem” once quoted by Phil Donahue. As the statistics from the survey says that” Approximately every 18 minutes, someone commits suicide”.

As rapidly the lifestyles of people are changing the suicidal tendency is also accelerating in one’s life. People are enjoying being Single being Alone and calling it their “Freedom”. Think again being alone being lonely is what you call “Freedom”? Is Freedom means being lonely? In the early days, people use to live in joint families but nowadays, the nuclear family is more preferable to live in. Joint families mean more people, more people apply to more solving ideas in one’s life. To talk to everyone, someone, anyone, whether it’s with reason or just for the sake of company with someone. Nuclear families means limited people + limited time = limited ideas for solving problems – even limited companionship.

But, that doesn’t mean being in a nuclear family would always lead you to be alone and similar to this being in joint family applies to always have a company.

Sometimes, “Loneliness is Cleanliness” because being lonely is better, rather than being just in the relationship even if being into that relationship also leaves you Lonely. As it is prominently said “Fake relationships are like shadows. They follow you in the sun but leaves you in the dark. As for real one, they could even sense you in the “MOONLIGHT”.

As it is the bitter truth of the technology as more rapidly it is increasing among us, it is also creating a POTHOLE between our loved ones with the birth of social media. As the use of social media grows up the tendency of having doubt, not having trust in another also decreases. These” Social media” acts as a LEECH in our life as leech drinks the blood of a person. Social media acts as a leech between the privacy of a spouse + drinks up the trust or mutual understanding between our loved ones not only this it also soaks up the limitation of credibility among one another as not only the known but also the unknown individuals are also exposed just with the help of these “Social media”.

The suicidal tendency also tends to increase due to hateful comments not in the circle of known but also with the people who are unknown to you on the platform of “Social media “. Even if there are so many laws enforced on these hateful commenters but still it does leaves an impact on our lives. So, whom to blame the revolutionary or rapid increase in technology?? Or just control the use of this technology or to use it just for the sake of entertainment and not get affected by them easily.  So, what to do? Neglect them!!. Be Affected by them !!. Take those hateful comments SERIOUSLY!.. Take those comments in a way of joke… Rather, in my opinion, live your life on to the best….. to the fullest. Apply this policy in your life “Rumours are spread by HATERS, Passed on by Fools and accepted by Idiots”. So, Don’t be an IDIOT

So, what to do? let them live in whatever condition they are living onto. Or Else we could spread this very article on to such a level that everyone out there would be reading or forwarding it to their loved ones because who knows a person travelling with you in a train or sharing a seat with you in a bus in school or even in a college they would have a bad impact or they would just want to get liberated from their life because of the trauma or the problems they may be dealing with in their respective life.##Stop SUICIDE and Start loving your LIFE…….THE WAY IT IS!!! As for LIFE refers to HARDSHIPS and HARDSHIPS = LIFE

Shilpi Chaubey

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