Transgression: Exploring Guilt, Self-Discovery, and Conflicting Socialization – An Interview with Author Ben Stoltzfus

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Ben Stoltzfus, a distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Riverside, and an accomplished novelist, literary critic, and inter-arts scholar. Among his many published works, his latest novel, Transgression: Hitler, Mirka, Mireille, and Me, has garnered critical acclaim and was awarded the Silver Award. The novel explores … Read more

A Debut Novel that Captivates: An Interview with Hidden Shadow Author Jennifer Bourland

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Bourland, the author of the gripping mystery novel Hidden Shadow. In her debut novel, Jennifer takes readers on a captivating journey through time as protagonist Sophie Thomas uncovers family secrets, unexpected connections, and the power of the mind. As a former art and English teacher turned entrepreneur, Jennifer’s … Read more

What is Migration: Causes, Characteristics, Types and Effects

migration introduction

Migration refers to the process of moving from one place to another for reasons like seeking economic opportunities, political persecution, environmental factory, terrorism so on and so forth. This article will deal with a detailed explanation of migration, its causes, characteristics, types and effects. Ever since the beginning of time, humanity has been on the … Read more

An Interview with Award-Winning Author Angie Vancise

“Turning Tragedy into Art: Angie Vancise’s Path to Becoming an Award-Winning Author” – We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Angie Vancise, a talented artist and award-winning author whose writing has captured the hearts of readers everywhere. With her personal tragedies and small-town roots serving as inspiration, Angie’s writing is honest, heartfelt, and engaging. Her … Read more