An Interview with Betsy Gal, Author of The Illusion of the Perfect Profession

Short Bio: Betsy Gall and her three children, Grady, Gavin, Sophie, and their dog Liberty, split their time between Charlotte, North Carolina and Minneapolis, Minnesota where she focuses on faith, family and friends. Betsy is an active real estate agent, investor, landlord and habitual remodeler. Betsy is speaking all over the country about physician suicide … Read more

Meet the Professor: Dr. Stephanie Wilson, Sociologist, Educator, and Co-founder of Applied Worldwide

 Stephanie: Sociologist, Creator, Researcher 2. As a co-founder of Applied Worldwide, could you briefly explain the organization’s mission? Stephanie: Our mission is to build a bridge between the discipline of sociology and everyday life to improve the well-being of society. As a sociologist, I see endless ways that sociological knowledge could benefit society, but our … Read more

The Environmental and Gendered Consequences of the Green Revolution

Green Revolution refers to the agricultural movement that began in early 1960s which transformed the rural agrarian economy by introducing new technology and machinery, new plant varieties, chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase crop yields. Norman E. Borlaug, an American agricultural scientist and plant pathologist laid the foundation for the technological advancement in agriculture. His … Read more