Sociology of Crime: Crime is a Social Phenomenon

There is a connection between criminology and sociology because it is impossible to understand crime without studying the larger society. The idea of crime derives from the concept of deviance in society. Deviance involves breaking a social norm and evoking negative reactions from others. Some norms are considered more serious, and some are turned into … Read more

Labour Commitment: Overview

Resources are essential for conducting the activities of the economy in a country which includes capital, raw materials, and pieces of machinery, buildings, transport and importantly man-power. The word ‘commitment’ is so big in value when compared to the word ‘engagement’ which does not show the importance of willingness towards working. Here, we can analyse … Read more

Criminal Justice System in the United States of America

Criminal Justice is a field of study and an institution which supports social control, discourages painful crimes, or punishes those who violate laws with strict punishment and rehabilitation. Criminal Justice system varies in different countries. In the U.S., the individual accused of a crime is given his rights and undergoes a trial, unlike many other … Read more

American Juvenile Justice System: What you need to Know

American Juvenile Justice System: Children who committed crimes were treated and punished the same way as adults before profound economic and social changes swept the landscape of America. Even in the 18th century, there was no distinction between children and adults regarding punishment. This attitude began to shift in the mid-nineteenth century when many people … Read more

American Foreign Policy : Meaning,Issues,Making and Institutions

What is a foreign policy? Generally, a foreign policy paves a way to interact with other countries. It’s the way to build up relations with the nations around the world, be it economically, politically or socially. The policy consists of few guidelines through which the country can safeguard its interests and achieve its goals through … Read more