What is Modernization? Causes, Importance, Pros and Cons

Change is the only constant in the society and ‘Modernization’ is a continuous process that depicts social change. This process deals with the modern ways of life by adoption of modern values so that people could adapt to the changing society. Modernization could be equated with the development of science and technology that has remarkably … Read more

Sociology of Disability – What you need to know

This article provides an overview of how the study of disability came to be including the ever-evolving field of Sociology of Disability in the United States. It explains the two main perspectives of disability and delves deeper into more nuanced paradigms. Finally, this article takes a closer look at disability rights movements that are relevant … Read more

Lev Vygotsky’s Socio Cultural theory: Explained with Examples

Lev Vygotsky is credited with setting up the framework for sociocultural theory. The objective of sociocultural theory is to understand how an individual’s mental functioning is tied to their culture, history and the institutes they have been a part of. The sociocultural view of the world focuses on the roles that human interactions and culturally … Read more

Is Sociology a Science? Correct Answer with Reasons and Examples

In the domain of academia, two tropes share an antagonist relationship more than the others. These two fields are science on one end and social science on the other. Students of various disciplines often butt heads together and get into debates about which subject is more worthy and which is not. Similarly, within fields as … Read more

Hypothesis: Functions, Problems, Types, Characteristics, Examples

Basic Elements of the Scientific Method: Hypotheses The Function of the Hypotheses A hypothesis states what one is looking for in an experiment. When facts are assembled, ordered, and seen in a relationship, they build up to become a theory. This theory needs to be deduced for further confirmation of the facts, this formulation of … Read more

The Social Construction of Reality – Summary Notes

The Social Construction of Reality Part 1: The Reality of Everyday Life The basic purpose is to sociologically analyze the concept of reality, but the understanding reality is quite the task. The approach to understanding reality should be through common sense as reality is available to the members of the society who possess common sense. … Read more