Labour Commitment: Overview

Resources are essential for conducting the activities of the economy in a country which includes capital, raw materials, and pieces of machinery, buildings, transport and importantly man-power. The word ‘commitment’ is so big in value when compared to the word ‘engagement’ which does not show the importance of willingness towards working. Here, we can analyse the concept of labour commitment which is co-related with the productivity of a firm.

Labour creates value:

The view of the great modern western political philosopher, Karl Marx will be very helpful in explaining the division of society based on Class as rich and the poor. His analysis is wholly from the economic point of view where “Rich becomes richer and poor become poorer”. This situation is created when there is a surplus of production that moved the industries from small to large scale. Here, the emphasis is given to two types of people, namely owner and labour. The owner is being represented with the capital that they have to own a factory and at the same time, the labour is being represented by the value they receive from the owner as wage or salary for the work, they are obligated for. So, to generate value, labour commitment is much required.

Labour consciousness:

When time flows, the production and distribution of products and services increase with the gradual increase in the profit of the owner. This is the period when the value of labour is decided by the owner that emerged in the exploitation of two sets of people because of their ultimate greed and new use of man-made machinery than manpower itself. The developments of capitalistic society without its proper understanding will surely “Sows its own seed of destruction”. By neglecting the labour commitment, the capable work from the so-called ‘second-class’ people cannot be drained which overall lower the quality of production in the market. By this, the firm will lose its standard place in the competitive industry’s list again deciding to be taken by the State.

Labour to discipline man in social life:

  • As we all know there is a difference between worker and labour where the former has choices regarding work but the latter has either no choice or very limited choice. The mindset of the people in our society is the one that rewards the labour who performs his role perfectly. Another aspect for which labour commitment is necessary to integrate them which leads to achieving personal benefits by means of collective well-being.
  • For instance, if in a factory 500 labourers are divided into different departments like the Human Resource Department, Production Department, Marketing Department, Finance Department and Research & Development Department consisting of 100 labourers in each according to their specialisation, the firm will be able to produce profit only when there are co-operation and coordination among those entire departments. If not, the whole ideology of the firm will someday get collapsed leading to the shattering of the firm’s goodwill.

Justification for his selection:

Work is being always allotted to the person who seems capable of taking full responsibility without fail. The selection process is very crucial stage as it involves lots of money, time and also resources. So, if such process of selection is done, it means that the person is highly qualified in terms of putting his efforts and hard work towards his job than many more people who were along with him till the interview stage. Labour commitment enhances the prominence of employer and the relationship between them and the labourer. They are the one who can change the devastating condition of the firm, motivate the labourers to bring out their skills and talents and decrease the absenteeism during the activities of the firm. By this way, they can give better justification in appointing the labours.


Making the labourers fully involved in the firm is a task as on one side though they are collectively responsible, they are working to acquire some personal benefits that cannot be avoided as it the psychological mind of the human being to do so. To compensate both the terms, the firm must look up the promotion of the labourers rather than concentrating only on their pay scale. They also should meet the needs of the Union to have peace and regular business in the industry. So, achieving Labour commitment is not only in the hands of labourers but there are many other factors too and understand those will bring success to the firm and advantage to the labourers.

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