Corporate Social Responsibility : Meaning, Examples and summary

Corporate Social Responsibility: Business and social-behavior go side by side. A businessman cannot ignore the fact that he resides in a society which ultimately, supports him in surviving, more than the money he is earning from the job. This is a statement which has brought a change in the views of people. People earlier belief … Read more

Impact of Movies on People – an account of public and culture

Impact of Movies on People – an account of public and culture Public and popular culture has profoundly created a whole new space in modern India. It engages transformation of the media and creation of wireless and electronic media along with entertainment which includes films, Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, short films, reality shows, etc. Movies … Read more

Sociology of Law: Origin, Subject Matter and Developments

Synopsis: This article gives a brief overview of the broad subject matter of Sociology of Law. By understanding how the multifaceted sub-discipline varies from the traditional approaches, exploring how sociology can be used in different ways in legal studies, and providing various modern approaches to socio-legal discourses, the article aims to explain how sociology and law … Read more

Religious minorities in India and the problems faced by them

Religious minorities The pluralist character of the Indian society is reflected in the multitude of religious communities that inhabit the country. The numerical strengths of some of these communities are more overwhelming than the others. Such communities have been designated as majority religious communities (example: the Hindus). India being a multi-religious country, it becomes an … Read more