Corporate Social Responsibility : Meaning, Examples and summary

Corporate Social Responsibility: Business and social-behavior go side by side. A businessman cannot ignore the fact that he resides in a society which ultimately, supports him in surviving, more than the money he is earning from the job. This is a statement which has brought a change in the views of people. People earlier belief that the business is different from the social responsibility. A statement which still can be heard with much logical justification behind is, “A person should keep his personal and private life separated”. The rational thinking associated with this statement emphasizes on the reduction, on an individual, the load of tension and load of responsibility, moreover the clashes of matters in the brain.

corporate social responsibility

However, with the innovations in every field, the modifications of such statements converted the statement to mix the professional life with personal morals. For example:- it is our personal moral, not to accept bribe but in order to earn more an individual blow with the flow of time and commits such crime which is a crime not only to a personal level but also, it harms the nation to an extent which makes such a  place hollow, which should be completed with enthusiasm towards the development of country; the new innovation of term, “Corporate Social Responsibility joins the moral etiquettes with the business and professional life.

Here the word comprises three words which can be separated into three different separate words. The word corporate indicates the business means the life of businessman, the rules, and regulation of a profession, the time of 10 o’ clock to 6 o’ clock, the days from Monday to Saturday; the other word social means the society which have those persons which provide an inner support to a business man, without which even a tycoon is incomplete and poor to a level of starvation; therafter the term which completed the given word is responsibility, which means the work of a person which he has to do.

The word altogether gives a businessman a responsibility to built up a business and upgrade it, with a view to supporting towards the society. A businessman must have a thought while upgrading a business, that whether or not, it is supporting a society but it must not harm a society. To accept the bribe is a crime which neither supports the development of society but it deteriorates its status. To develop an industry is good, to spread its area is also good but its growth must not result in deforestation; moreover, pollution of water resources must also be avoided by changing the spot of disposing of waste.

The term explains and imposes a responsibility on the citizen to built up a business while having morals within. A businessman must adopt such techniques which aim to achieve sustainable development. Sustainable development is a type of development which is achieved by keeping in mind the needs of future generations. The resources are limited: they can get exhausted and may not be available in future. Keeping in mind such views, the use of resources in today’s business should be done

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