Family Roles and Changing Relationships – AS&A Level Notes

This article delves into the inner complex of family as a unit of analysis. It will deeply analyze the power dynamics that operates within the household and how the external and the internal factors influence the hierarchal structure of this naturalized relationship. Besides these, it also caters to the concept as to how inequality is … Read more

The Shape of Urban Life in the Eyes of Sociology

If you were born millions of years ago, you would probably find yourself a group of people who hunt animals for their livelihood, a group where all  the people have the same purpose in their lives. They all hunt animals, eat and collect whatever they need from the very same source. Now think, if  you … Read more

Sociology of Modern Risks – Risk Society!

Ulrick Beck (1944-2015) was an eminent German Sociologist of contemporary times. He is better known for his influential work entitled, ‘The Risk Society’ wherein he talked about the insecurities and risks produced by the late industrial society. Originally, this top-notch work was published in 1986 in German language and later on it got translated into … Read more

Multiculturalism: A comparison of the US and Canadian Society

What is Multiculturalism? For a lay person’s understanding, multiculturalism is simply the acceptance of several cultures within a single nation or area. Although multiculturalism might be a philosophy or a policy, it is really more of a way of life. In addition, multiculturalism is a sociological viewpoint that acknowledges the relevance of cultural groups in … Read more

Cultural Globalization: Research on Globalization and Local Culture

Globalization of Culture: This thesis examines how globalization affects the world’s traditions and personalities, and how the effects of this blending of indigenous cultures with the rest of the world from the modern world order. Review of literature– Yogendra Singh, in Culture change in India: identity and globalization (2000). This book investigates Changes in cultural … Read more

Beyond Workplace Surveillance & Intrusion: A contemporary culture perspective on Well-Being @ Work through Augusto Boal’s Theatre of The Oppressed

While sipping my morning cuppa, I chanced upon an intriguing article (Khaira, March 4, 2020) published in an online journal sometime back, which spoke of sanitation workers in Chandigarh who are compelled to wear GPS trackers as part of a ‘Human Efficiency Tracking System’. The wearable tracker registers the movement of the worker by geo-fencing their … Read more