The Environmental and Gendered Consequences of the Green Revolution

Green Revolution refers to the agricultural movement that began in early 1960s which transformed the rural agrarian economy by introducing new technology and machinery, new plant varieties, chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase crop yields. Norman E. Borlaug, an American agricultural scientist and plant pathologist laid the foundation for the technological advancement in agriculture. His … Read more

Political Ecology: A Critical Introduction by Paul Robbins (Study Notes)

Ecology refers to the relationship between the human beings and their physical world or surroundings. Robbins inscribes about political ecology through an instance of East Africa. The ecology of East Africa is beautiful and on the same hand important. The flora and fauna (lions, hyenas, baboons etc.) gives the natives as well as the other … Read more

Sociology of Agriculture!

Synopsis: In this topic readers will engage in the understanding of the concept of Sociology in Agriculture and the interrelation of a social science with an economic activity. Further the article will trace the sectors of Agriculture and their sociological analysis, the development of Sociology of Agriculture through historical time periods. We will also look … Read more

Sociology of Modern Risks – Risk Society!

Ulrick Beck (1944-2015) was an eminent German Sociologist of contemporary times. He is better known for his influential work entitled, ‘The Risk Society’ wherein he talked about the insecurities and risks produced by the late industrial society. Originally, this top-notch work was published in 1986 in German language and later on it got translated into … Read more

Sociological Perspectives on Pollution and Environment

The human environment is something that has been focused on in general by many academicians, writers, and scholars. The human-environment interaction has been a topic that too has been discussed in particular over a long time; specifically, more so in the recent years. For instance, scholars have focused on the social, economic, and political causes … Read more