Who can write for the Sociology Group?
Anyone who wants to write on socio-politically relevant subjects, can! Your opinion and your voice matter.

Does Sociology Group accept content that has been published before?
No, we are always looking for original submissions.

How can I publish my article?
You are just a click away. Publish your article here.

How to Hire and Join as Online Tutor?

You can email us – [email protected]

How do find the date of the article for a citation?

Email us

Is there any internship opportunity?
Yes, we are always looking out for young minds to join us in our endeavour. We offer both paid and unpaid internships. Hired interns are expected to work with us for 6 weeks, learn and have fun. Besides, we will also award you with a certificate and a letter of recommendation.

How to apply for an internship?
Apply here.

How can I contact The Sociology Group Team?

Message on Telegram

Can articles be republished on our website or after any submission?


Will the submission get definitely published?

Yes, within two weeks.

Last updated: 12th March, 2024

The Sociology Group – Editorial Team