Book Review: Yes, Again: (Mis)adventures of a Wishful Thinker

A resilient and joyful life story of love, grief, and hope, this memoir is a remarkable piece of writing. Sallie’s adventurous search for a companion is a bumpy ride. The potential matches, failed dates, and everything else are an attempt at finding a near-perfect man.
As the pages turn, the words bring humor, shock, buzz, and delight. Reading about Sallie’s experiences, from newspapers to emails to websites, is fascinating. How the technological journey is carried through the story is commendable and makes it way more exciting. The dating experiences at different stages of life are refreshing to read and exhilarating to understand. Sallie’s craft of storytelling is authentic and intimate, making it an emotionally investing read.

Sallie unfolds different phases of her life, the first being a divorced single mother who has struggled personally and professionally. In her thirties, she searches for a dating partner when she finds stability in her career. Sallie encounters many hopeful matches with newspaper ads, but nothing feels fulfilling. Then destiny plays its role, and she meets an unexpected match. An unwanted meeting changes her life forever.

The chapters are titled with songs, which provides a little preview of the story unfurling. The naming scheme and lively writing make reading fun and entertaining.

Sallie finds her soulmate, not once but twice, but the exciting thing is the difference between the searches. Decades after trying her luck in searching for matches in newspapers in the late 1970s, Sallie finds herself again in need of a compatible companion. The second trial with dating starts in her late fifties, and the medium is digital and online. The sixteen-year search for PASTRAMI (a surprise to look forward to while reading) contains intriguing stories. Along with the contrast between old and modern dating methods, the difference in Sallie’s approach is a striking feature of the story. In this memoir, she shares her experiences candidly. From cute meet-ups to shocking encounters, the misadventures of dating are a savoury treat for readers.

Sallie’s story is a lesson in belief and hopefulness. Her affair with dating life makes up a meaningful discussion about elderly loneliness and dating. She wants to feel loved again, not by need but by choice; she wants an earnest companion. The author’s zest for finding a partner is delightful, and the portrayal of inner feelings and contradictory inner dialogues is a commanding factor in the writing. The story shows the importance of the ability to build passionate relationships.

Sallie is a confident woman with a ‘don’t give up’ attitude. She is a feminist who believes in making her own choices and fights against the traditional views about women. A highly active and motivated woman, the author is a seeker of experiences and does not shy away from challenging tasks and meeting new people. She keeps busy through various volunteering jobs during her retirement, involving medical translation and interpreting in Central and South America. She is an animal lover and dedicates time to rescue and service dog organisations. The volunteering work of the author makes up a significant part of her life and healing journey. Her connection with the people she is helping consists of great anecdotes. It is sweet and emotional to read about her strong temperament and will.

Along with that, she is also not afraid to ask for help. She understands the importance of family and friends and knows the importance of seeking support. One can learn the lesson of balancing relationships from this memoir.

The book takes you through deep thoughts about meeting people, building connections, finding stability, and engaging with the world. As a military brat, Sallie has lived in three countries and multiple US states; as an adult, she has been on various tours and trips. Yet, her home is genuinely her sanctuary. The memories of sweet moments, the essence of love she has experienced, and the friends she holds dearly all make her home a place she can never leave, and she expresses the same to her love interests.

The memoir also encompasses the author’s experiences with sorrow and pain. Sallie’s story is about the ever-changing nature of relationships. The lingering memories of loved ones who left alter the lives of those left behind. Reading about the losses of loved ones is heartbreaking. The road to healing is difficult, but Sallie is doing whatever she can. She reminisces about her family, and her journey of healing is inspiring. As readers, we sympathise with her feelings about the pain she is going through. The portrayal of loss and suffering is sincere.

Sallie presents the instances of her life very reflectively, making sense of her desires, fears, and actions. Reading each chapter feels like listening to a friend. The book connects with you by exploring the depth of loneliness and connections.

In the truest sense, ‘Yes, Again’ seems like seeing Sallie’s life through a window. The stories are telling of her much-happening life with incredible ups and downs. She is giving her best to everyone and to herself, too. The way she connects with her feelings and gives importance to healing is a thought-provoking read. The writing style is reflective and deeply expressive. Sallie’s life is rich with memorable experiences, and reading it all is an amusing and motivating experience.

This memoir is an excellent recommendation for readers of all kinds, as it is a simple and elegant read that connects you with important life lessons. Also, a must-read for lovers of relationship stuff, this will provide you with an exciting and fresh perspective on dating. The book is an excellent investment that gives you satisfaction and good cheer.

You can also find the incredible book, “(Mis)adventures of a Wishful Thinker” by Sallie H. Weissinger, on Amazon for purchase.

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