Migration: Social Consequences, Advantage, Disadvantages and Host country

There are two consequences that occur due to migration. One is the negative aspect and the other being positive. The negative aspect is that because the rural population shifts to urban areas, the problem of unemployment increases there because there are limited jobs, resources etc. If the urban sects will think of employing rural people … Read more

Urban Growth and Migration

Both urban growth and migration have to influence and stimulating effect on one other. The desire to become a part of the urban setup and to leave the dried and unambitious rural life motivate one to migrate. And when the place of destination received these migrants, their growth, and productivity increase if we look from … Read more

Essay on Caste and Migration

Caste is also an important feature that gives rise to migration. Ones position in the society is based on his association with which caste he belongs to. It causes social stratification. It places one in the hierarchical society and depending on his level he is treated. There’s a lot of discrimination done based on the … Read more