What is Migration: Introduction, Reasons, Concepts,Theories

 I’m sure we all are aware of the different stages involved in planting a tree and the processes that take place in the ‘journey’. Right from the first step – the seed is sown, it is watered regularly, (along with being provided an adequate environment) soon a plant perpetuates, then again it is watered and the plant grows a bit, and then again watered and the cycle goes so on and so forth.

migration introduction

But what happens when one day the plant is stopped being watered? It dries off. Something that could have transformed into something great(a tree) gets deformed the moment its needs aren’t fulfilled. Same is with us, humans. As long as our needs are met we continue to progress and the moment we feel an inadequacy and insecurity we search for it elsewhere. Even if that requires one to leave his original place of existence, his birth land. And this is known as migration.

Migration is not a term, it’s a process. As far as the early 17th-century Latin term migrare is considered, it simply means to move or shift. There can be ample of reasons why one decides to migrate but the foremost reason according to my roots from the plant of desire. The desire to live a better life; the desire to earn a better living. And to desire is beautiful because it requires one to step out of their comfort zone. It’s brave. As says Tony Kushner, “ We can’t just stop. We’re not rock-progress, migration, a motion is… modernity. It’s ANIMATE, its what living things do. We desire. Even if all we desire for is stillness, its still desire for…”

Migration is accepting the change to change. But the fact that it’s politicized, is that no more makes it a liberal personal choice rather the last step that one might think of taking. It involves the movement and mobility of a settled population to another place as an alien with an intention to either temporarily or permanently settle there. It could either take place over long distances i.e, over countries or within short distance i.e, within the country between regions. Migration could be one’s own decision (voluntary), or a decision influenced by other factors (involuntary). Even though it is majorly subjective, a lot of perspectives, factors, and issues are related to it.

Everything About Migration

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