Concept of Marriage and Migration/Immigration

concept of marriage and migration

Discussing migration in terms of marriage is related to women majorly for it is the women who migrate. Indian families are extremely patriarchal and thus the process involved is also strict. The marriage can be categorized on two principles- endogamy of the particular class of people and exogamy between two villages. The concept of  marriage … Read more

Relationship between Sociology and Law

Sociology and Law are two interwoven topics. Society is directly related to sociology, and in this matter, every society follows certain laws. Therefore, laws are an essential part of society. Sociology helps law to better understand society for smoother regulation and formation of laws. Similarly, the law is important to regulate society. Norms, customs, traditions … Read more

Socio Economic Analysis of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Thoughts

DR.B.R.Ambedkar was among the most outstanding intellectuals of Indian in the 20th  century. He is known for his intellect. According to Antonio Gramsci, he is an outstanding example of an organic intellectual, that is, one who represents the interests of an entire social class. Born in a socially backward caste, educated along the lines the … Read more