What is Slavery system and various Types

Slavery system has seen two major eruptions which gave rise to Conflict theory to have a different view and abolish this kind of system from the society. The two major examples of slavery system are as follows

slavery system and types
  1. In ancient world mainly in Greek and Roman this practice was seen at a rapid rate.
  2. In the 18th and 19th century, southern states faced slavery system which also became the base of a movement which saw the abolishment of this system rising because of revolts and Karl Marx theories also added efforts to see that how bad this system can ruin our future.

What is Slavery System?

Slavery system is highlighting the term Stratification in the society which exists due to caste, creed, sex and many other factors. This term gives rise to the power to some people who can make other people their slave by the amount of money and power. They become other people’s property and they were subjected to violence and every kind of ill practice. The people were categorized into two kinds of people i.e. Dominance- The people who ruled over other people and Submissive- The people who were condemned to follow upper-class people because of lack of power and self-awareness.

L.T Hobhouse was the one who gave the perfect definition of a slave by stating that they become something like non-individual object which does not come under any kind of law and order. Their rights were null and their only duty was to please their dominant master. They cannot elect their representative of their own choice and they are forbidden to go out in public. He is seen as unsocial animal and is forced to work at a maximum hour.

H.J Nieboer claimed that the basic reason of slavery is the economic difference between the classes.

There were various types of slavery in those times:-

  1. Chattel Slavery- It is the most traditional form of slavery where people were bound to become master’s personal property and nowadays this kind of practice is null and no government takes this system to be legal in any country.
  2. Bonded Labour- This kind of labor was a bond practice which was for some time and not a lifetime imprisonment. For example, if someone took a loan which he fails to pay then the person pays his debt by becoming labor for some time.
  3. Forced Labour-People is condemned to work under someone due to their influence or terror against weak people.
  4. Forced Marriages– People were forcefully married for any sexual desire or to work household chores.
  5. Dependents– It was a common word used for slaves but it has been observed that their condition was somehow better than Freeman in Persia.

Slavery can be called as the highest form of inequality which existed in between the human beings making conditions worse for labors(slave). The abolishment of slavery took place in 1838 and many sociologists work changed the viewpoint of people forcing them to consider an equalitarian society, thus eliminating stratification. For a long time, many sociologists and common people saw them in the frame of a victim but C Wright Mills felt that they were the essential parts of the time whose part was important to bring some changes in the world.

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