Impact of Movies on People – an account of public and culture

Impact of Movies on People – an account of public and culture

impact of movies on public

Public and popular culture has profoundly created a whole new space in modern India. It engages transformation of the media and creation of wireless and electronic media along with entertainment which includes films, Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, short films, reality shows, etc.

Movies have dominated a whole sector of entertainment, through generations it has been dominating and until now is influencing people. This is chiefly because they depict a variety of discourse which is common to public and in which public wants to get associated with.

There is a deep nexus between public and popular culture, movies(popular media) tends to depict films which are social in nature portraying family, brotherhood, family tussles, love stories , romance ,humour ,comedy, daily life, religion etc which is based on reality but infused with fiction with a pinch of glamour, lifestyles and starring figures and celebrities which are appreciated and liked by public. Hence, popular culture and public culture are intertwined with each other.

Indian cinema also a dominant figure depicts a new range and transformation of the movies from past to present. People are highly influenced by the movies, they tend to follow the same fashion and fad. They are fascinated by their favorite celebrity and as a fan, they religiously follow their way of life. There are various attributes of Hindi movies  (media culture) such as songs- which is the main aspect of the movies, people get readily associated with the songs by making it popular, singing, dancing and listening to the latest songs have created a trend of youth culture.

Similarly, people are eager to follow new hairstyles, makeovers, footwear, clothing, colors which are manifested in the movies. People get a sense of the latest trend, usage of new slangs, mimicking their favorite actor, and also a sense of western cultures through movies, where popular culture becomes a public culture and people tend to follow it.

Movies have a great impact on people of all ages, everybody can relate to the characters portrayed by the actors in the movies. Movies present a wide range of content ranging from the relationship between mother and son, parents and children, famous love stories, friendship, ideal families, ideal son, social realities, bringing social change, happiness and joy, creating a fictitious and ideal personality or macho man, depicting beauty of women, symbolizing money, status and power, there are various movies on political space which invokes the sense of patriotism, history etc.

The amount of hard work an actor, actress, director, producer and many other artists put together is commendable. An actor and actress are usually known by the name he/she has played a role in. Nepotism also plays an important part in movies where the public also has a keen interest in lineage and generation of the movie industry. Apart from nepotism, the Bollywood industry or popular culture industry opens and gives opportunities to talented young potentials to make a career in acting.

Movies generally maintain certain structures and values which can be changed over time through generations. The latest trend, newer things gain more value and fame and are admired more. Movies are an epitome of entertainment, they are not just made on the basis of fiction but also documentaries which give a lot of knowledge, there are several movies such as that of biopic which gives a sense of history and a life journey of a particular person( cricketer, celebrity, political identity, etc.)

There are various movies which have a social orientation and are based on true reality, and gives a sense of understanding to the viewer, sometimes leaves individual on a clear note of understanding directing towards a general picture and on the hand, leaving the individuals with a question, so that the viewers can perceive what they feel like and keep it open for the interpretation. In short, Movies have a great and deep impact on people and their thought process.

Media have mostly a positive impact and is playing an important role in making and shaping the process of public and popular culture through movies which gives a visual treat, entertainment, pleasure and in some cases invokes a sense of citizenship.

Movies are regarded as a mixture of public and popular culture, and a great source of media.

By Tanya Sharma

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