Differences between Technology and Tradition

Technology and Tradition are very different topics from each other but they, however, have an effect on each other. Basically, technology is all about science, machinery, techniques which have a great influence on every individual’s life. On the other hand, we have a tradition that deals with a long-established custom or belief that has been … Read more

Impact of Modern Science and Technology on Rural Areas

India’s rural demographic has largely been employed in agriculture, with the only changes over the decades being in the efficiency, production, and development of the sector. Gradually, post-independence, two major issues were realized, that Despite a majority of India’s population being engaged in the agriculture sector, there was the low inefficient production of crops, low … Read more

The Principal Organs of the United States : Summary

The Principal organs of the United Nations General Assembly Security Council Economic and Social Council Trusteeship Council International Court of Justice Secretariat   1.The General Assembly: The General Assembly consists of all the members of the united nations.Each member state has one vote only.The General Assembly meets once a year, but it may also meet in special … Read more