Short Notes on lesbian studies, lesbianism and their history with examples

A Lesbian is a female homosexual. A female who experiences love or sexual attraction to other females. The term ‘Lesbian’, is used to express as sexual identity, the behavior of a person or as sexual preference or orientation. The word ‘Lesbian’, was derived from the Greek island LESBOS, where Sappho, had written poems of Love … Read more

Essay on Caste and Migration

Caste is also an important feature that gives rise to migration. Ones position in the society is based on his association with which caste he belongs to. It causes social stratification. It places one in the hierarchical society and depending on his level he is treated. There’s a lot of discrimination done based on the … Read more

Interrelation Between Poverty and Migration,Immigration

Researchers have stated that lack of opportunities, unemployment and lack of facilities in rural areas including extremely small villages are the biggest cause of increased migration. The conditions of villagers are pathetic. The only work which can support them financially is agriculture or working in factories. They are poor because there’s no development done in … Read more