Is the reservation in any field for women really helpful? Essay

We live in a society where people say, “Women are equal to men these days and have equal opportunities in all fields.” Is this true? If it is, then up to what extent?

Women’s Reservation for Women definitely doesn’t support the above argument. Then, what does a reservation for women mean? Reservation for women means providing special privileges to women in the political, job and educational fields. Well, talking about the reservation for women, how anyone could miss the Women’s Reservation Bill, which was a lapsed bill that was proposed in the year 2008. The bill was brought with an idea of providing reservation of 33% seats in the Lok Sabha for women. While many of them today are still striving for the bill to be passed, as it’s already been passed in 2010 and still awaits passage in the Lok Sabha!

Reservation for women

Let’s understand the fields where a reservation for women is provided. Our country provides reservation for women in education, politics and job opportunities and many more. Let’s discuss a few aspects of the same.

Why do we need special privilege for women, when we strongly believe in the idea of equality?

While India has been a country where women have been entitled to their household work and never step out into the outer world earlier. The majority of them were the housewives who did not want to work or not allowed to do so. With changing time, many women came out of their kitchens and started to pursue a degree and shape their career.

Education has always been the key. Educating a girl child at the initial stage should be given a greater preference. If a girl child is given the power to empower herself, then there is no necessity for such a reservation in any field. If she’s put on the right path with a correct guidance, she will succeed in any field she is in.

When it comes to equality, both men and women are born equal. There’s no difference to differentiate between them. Well, there is a difference in how well they are brought up. While a girl child is supposed to be nothing but a burden to a family earlier, now it’s not the same. Ideology has changed, in a way discrimination is put to an end.

Women always loved the idea of equality and justice, but up to what extent this will work well for all the women out there? 

The women who are from villages and do not have any idea about how things work in cities will generally need such a reservation to stand a place among all. Not only the women from villages but the ones from cities are also generally not aware of the laws and administrative rules. Most of them lack political awareness and experiences. They need training and experience in order to know how a country, state, district or a village is run. Either it is politics, education or job opportunities, awareness and experience are required. To attain knowledge in any inexperienced field, the opportunity is the most important one. The opportunity can help in getting some experience. Reservation for women helps this happen, then why not have such a reservation which can help the country? At least, it could help in breaking all the shackles of the society.

Today, just 11% of Lok Sabha members are women. Till date, we had only one Prime Minister and one President who were women. So, is this number small? Yes, it is. While half the population of India is women then, why is the percentage in the cabinet really small…? So, the views and opinions of the 11% of women in the cabinet are unnoticed and will not have any actual effect, without any doubt. So, what could be the reason for this situation in the parliament? Is it the lack of ability or gender inequality? Well, it is the women itself, who are least interested in politics or maybe they are interested and are lacking a political background.

Most of the problems related to women such as domestic violence, rape, and trafficking are dealt by the men in the parliament. Are they really sensitive to these issues and do they really understand the pain the woman go through? Some cannot be answered with knowledge, they should be felt. And in this case, women in the parliament can come up with the right answer and can do the right justice for the rest of the women in the country.

Is the reservation in any field for women really helpful?

Let’s not talk about if the reservation is fair or not because women go through many barriers in the society that many men can’t even think of. Coming to the point of it being helpful or not, well it’s no harm too.

The reservation can help many women out there who dream of recognition in the society, who dream big, who dreams of fame and respect. Reservation for women would help the society grow. Special privileges are given to the special ones and let’s not make it complicated.

It’s all about how she deals with every piece of shit…

about breaking the stereotypes…

about shutting down all the mouths that bullied…

about letting all the fingers down that were pointed out…

about how she recreates things…

about living the life she dreamt of…

about reaching the ambition she set for herself…

A fighter not by choice, but a warrior at heart.

Sai Priya is a Hyderabad based Aeronautical Engineering student.

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