Differences between Technology and Tradition

Technology and Tradition are very different topics from each other but they, however, have an effect on each other. Basically, technology is all about science, machinery, techniques which have a great influence on every individual’s life. On the other hand, we have a tradition that deals with a long-established custom or belief that has been passed on from one generation to another.

But as science and technology are getting advance meanwhile it is following the tradition, cultures and the people relationship. In India, where people have different traditions in their states, are vastly affected by modern technology. India like the country is known for its cultural heritage, brotherhood, love, and affection among people, the support they have for each other is now getting vanish from society. But the emergence of technology is creating a huge distance and separation among people. Today social networks are flourishing the market, instead of going and meeting each other physically is now turning into web meetings, for an instance, the relative meet has been bounded in a small area of WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook and hence this is making the relationships weaker day by day. And this technology has been showing a great negative impact on tradition. Moreover, technology is also affecting the teenagers and the children of India, as the technology is touching the heights at the same time technology is affecting the lower age groups. The scenario of early India of the lower age group was very different from today, the children played in open ground, exercise, and are fit but today technology has eradicated those things totally. The lower age group is found to be busy with their smartphones, I pads, Play stations. According to the recent study, the rate of physical activities has been decreased to 80% and the rate of lower age group indulge in smartphones has been increased by 85%. In fact, the new generation is totally affected by the emanation of technology. So, therefore, technology with its vast positiveness, does have a great negativeness for the tradition. Hence it is advised that do not flow in the dreadful direction of technology, just use the advantages of technology wisely so that the tradition must be perpetuated and shall not be distressed. And if the tradition is not taken under a matter of concern then it’s obvious that tradition will disappear one day and the technology will overtake it.

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