The Social Exclusion of Dalits with Disabilities

Abstract – This paper will be analyzing the social exclusion of three types of people- Dalits, people with disabilities, and Dalits with disabilities. Social exclusion is a very widely practised concept in India; It can be defined as the “denial of basic welfare rights which provide citizens positive freedom to participate in the social and … Read more

Education For All? Analysing Social Mobility and Academic Inequalities in India

India is burdened by distinct, rigid social hierarchies that mark almost all bureaucracies and institutions in the country, of which academia is certainly not an exception. For the longest time, the popular discourse has been that schooling and education in general, bring about certain benefits that ensure a secure route to upward social mobility (Froerer, … Read more

What are Social Movements in the United States?

Social movements are not just a movement that only has some goals, but it is also an effective way to transform the existing society into a more efficient society. In which through these movements the people mould society into what they desire. The people in a society are the individuals who live there, so it … Read more

Social Change: Definition, Characteristics, Causes, Types, and Examples

Humans are social beings. We exist in a social world and observe norms, rules and traditions that are all social constructs. Therefore social change is a concept that is threaded to the very root of society. Similar to the Earth completing a strenuous rotation around the Sun every year, society undergoes social change. It shapes … Read more