What is Social Stratification? Definition, Types, Theories and Examples

Social Stratification: Introduction and Overview A society where stratification does not exist is a sentence which will always be illogical and untrue. Now the question is what stratification is. A system which has been followed by society from a generation in which there is some kind of classification between people in the name of race, … Read more

Conflict Theory in Sociology – Definition and Overview

Sociology from the starting emphasized on three kinds of theories. Functionalist Theory Conflict Theory Interactionism Theory The whole purpose of this perspective was not to see an only positive aspect of life like Functionalist Theory. It accounted for the differences and conflict found between the societies. It was important to solve those problems before it … Read more

Political System: Meaning, Functions and Types of Political System

Political System: A society comprises of citizen, nature, economy, rights, responsibilities, and policies. For better governance of every policy regarding society, a group of members collectively in an institution is elected by the voters and rules the state or country. Political parties are an essential part of a country. It safeguards citizen rights and responsibilities … Read more

What is an Acculturation – Explained with Examples

It is clearly evident that many communities practice different religion and customs stay together in one country. Acculturation is a basic process in which people of different cultures meet people of different cultures. In the process of meeting them, they tend to know each other’s norms, beliefs, customs, values, and behavior. It can be understood … Read more

Accommodation: Definition, Meaning and Examples

Accommodation in simple words means staying together of different individual altogether in a place. People of adaptive nature get themselves comfortable in any place at a faster rate than other people. It is not necessary to not have any conflict between members if they are staying together. But when people are either working for an … Read more