Accommodation: Definition, Meaning and Examples

Accommodation in simple words means staying together of different individual altogether in a place. People of adaptive nature get themselves comfortable in any place at a faster rate than other people. It is not necessary to not have any conflict between members if they are staying together. But when people are either working for an institution or going to college in a different city, they need to accommodate. And even when there are some problems between people, a minimum amount of adjustment is done by both the parties to maintain a cordial relationship.

accommodation concept

Accommodation can be temporary or permanent depending upon the type of work it involves. Even though the problems between people do not end at the time of departure, still it is not a major concern. Many sociologists have given their opinion about accommodation.

J.M Baldwin was the first sociologist who presented his views on accommodation. He states that a number of changes person experiences while staying together. There are some of the basic habits which are considered important to stay with a different person. For example, when you start living with another person, you ask the other person before switching off the lights asking if he/she still need it for some more time.

Mac Iver states that accommodation is one of those processes in which a person gets himself/herself adjust with another person. It results in maintaining harmony and calm behavior among the people in the society.

Lundberg describes the positive impact of accommodation. He defines it as a subtle process in which jealousy or any stress related to competition can be removed. For example, people living with each other tend to know each other by passing time and develop a caring nature towards each other. They spend a lot of time cracking jokes with each other. It eliminates any negative feeling which has been present because of misunderstanding or competition.

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