What is an Acculturation – Explained with Examples

It is clearly evident that many communities practice different religion and customs stay together in one country. Acculturation is a basic process in which people of different cultures meet people of different cultures.

acculturation concept

In the process of meeting them, they tend to know each other’s norms, beliefs, customs, values, and behavior. It can be understood as a social gathering process in which different background of communities meets each other at a regular interval.

There may be some conflicts which have not been removed from a long interval of time, in this place of hatred and dislike each other, acculturation provides time for clearing out the reasons of quarrelsome.

Acculturation can be an exchange of anything, be it dressing sense or languages. For example, you are a resident of India; you were first obliged to wear Kurti all the time. But as time flies, you came in contact with other people of different backgrounds. You start to have a look at other people dressing style.

The environment and social gathering with people motivated you to try something new. This is one of the basic effects of acculturation. A different example of the linguistic barrier can also be explained.

Firstly someone knows how to speak Hindi language only. It was enough for him/her until he/she meets some new people. He gradually develops interest towards another ‘English’ or ‘ French’.This social gathering made him discover his interest which was hidden from him too.

Acculturation is one of the most needed processes in our society to make people realize what changes are needed to make their life better. In this way, if every life is changed by acculturation, whole society demeanour is changed for better. Sometimes this process can be hectic and moves at a slow pace because some people are hostile to changes. But this does not mean that the process should be considered as a failure. It is one of the most needed processes to shape our society in a better way.

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