The subject matter and Importance of Studying Sociology

Subject matter: Anything that comes in society and performs certain functions becomes a part of Society. Sociology plays an important role to understand society and human behaviour.

subject matter and importance of sociology

It tries to answer all the questions that human will certainly question themselves at some point in their lives. How did society emerge? How has it changed since its birth? How has society been divided into different sects? How different people carrying different traits and different ideologies co-exist in this globe? How different social institutions have different roles to play in social lives? How different social processes like communication, cooperation, accommodation, assimilation, formation and many more play the role and how they are related to social lives? How the structures of society are built and how these structures affect the functioning of society?

Since the arrival of the child in this society completely new to this society with null knowledge till turning into an adult, grasping knowledge from different sources and being a part of society to how this child will function and what affects it creates in society. This is all that sociology tries to deal with.

Sociology focuses on sociological analysis to the development and functions of different social institutions to formulating concepts and theories and focusing on primary units of social life to being rational and researching different aspects.

Everything requires a rational and sensible logic behind doing what they are doing and why they are doing. Sociology tries to study and help answer all these questions and give us concepts and theories to make us better understand social life and society.

Lets put in simple words, Anything that is related to social life is a matter of sociology.


Society can be looked upon as a process; as a series of interactions between human beings. No social life is possible without interactions. The typical is the care of the child which a mother does; his upbringing and socialization are based on the interaction between the mother and the child.

As the saying goes “The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal which is hidden.”

There is a need to study sociology. The Indian sociologists are very much interested in the problem of social change. This is so because the Indian society has now taken the task of changing itself from an agricultural society to an industrial society, from a colonial society to a republican society and from a society which is based on caste to a castles society. One of the main objectives of sociology is to study the old or traditional order of society which was there in the past and the conditions which lead to the emergence of the new individualism.

Sociology is important to study in the present world because it bears with the problem of today’s world. Moreover, sociology studies the role of the institution in the development of an individual. It is only through the study of sociology that the study of institutions and individuals can be made. It is through the study of institutions, the home and the family, the church and the religion, the industry and the work through which society functions.

Sociology is of great importance in providing a solution to a problem that is prevailing in the society. It is only through the study of sociology that today criminals are also treated as human beings which generally suffers from mental disorders.’ the study of sociology,’ the criminals are not even regarded as human beings.

Sociology is also important because it has helped to enrich the culture of the society. Sociology has helped to broaden the perspective of oneself. It has helped to become rational and critical of oneself and others also. It enables men to understand oneself better and others also. Sociology helps break through the prejudice and the caste system that prevails in our society.

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Study of sociology also provides insight into the personality and it also helps in shaping up the behaviour. It can also lead to career opportunities in human resource management, business management etc. where critical thinking is required.

At last, sociology should also help in changing the old or conservative mindset of society. The stereotype mindset of people which categorizes or put a tag should be broken. If sociology helps to enrich the culture of the society at one and then the people like anarchist, misogynist, on the other hand, try to pollute the society by their ways of thinking. This should not be the case. All should to socialize properly and create an environment which is peaceful to live in.

Thus, the study of sociology is an important part and should be made compulsory for everyone to study as helps to solve many problems of the society and helps to deal with it.

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