Das Kapital by Karl Marx – Summary and Analysis

Das Kapital was the most important work of Karl Marx which included the criticism of political economy. PART 1  COMMODITIES AND MONEY    CH-1 COMMODITIES A commodity is  an object, a thing which is responsible to satisfy human wants, it has its usefulness, and this usefulness creates a use value of that particular material commodity which … Read more

Sociology Optional: Notes, Syllabus, Book list, Question papers

Read this article to learn about Sociology optional for UPSC Exam What is UPSC? What is Sociology optional in UPSC Mains Exam? About  union public service commission (UPSC) The Civil Services of India refers to the Government of India’s permanent bureaucracy and includes Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Forest Service (IFS) … Read more

The subject matter and Importance of Studying Sociology

subject matter and importance of sociology

Subject matter: Anything that comes in society and performs certain functions becomes a part of Society. Sociology plays an important role to understand society and human behaviour. It tries to answer all the questions that human will certainly question themselves at some point in their lives. How did society emerge? How has it changed since … Read more