Difference between Formal and Informal Sectors in India

The economy of a country is one of the main elements of development. The economy consists of processes like the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. These processes are operated differently in different sectors of the economy, which can be named the “formal and informal sectors” The functioning and operations of both the … Read more

Social Darwinism : Meaning, Origin and Regional Distribution

Social Darwinism is the collection of various theories and perspective that was evolved during the 19th century for the selection of human, popularly known as Survival of the fittest. This term coined major popularity by the ones who were against these theories. They were not in the favor of being called themselves by any label, … Read more

Sociology Optional: Notes, Syllabus, Book list, Question papers

Read this article to learn about Sociology optional for UPSC Exam What is UPSC? What is Sociology optional in UPSC Mains Exam? About  union public service commission (UPSC) The Civil Services of India refers to the Government of India’s permanent bureaucracy and includes Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Forest Service (IFS) … Read more

The Contribution of Auguste Comte to Sociology

The Contribution of Auguste Comte to Sociology – Theological, Metaphysical and Scientific stage Auguste Comte was a French philosopher born on 19th January 1798 and died on 5th September 1857. His birthplace was Montpellier, France. He is known as “the father of ‘Sociology” as he was the first one to realize the importance of relating sociology with … Read more

Tribes and Adivasi – Characteristics, Cultures, Societies

Tribes,  Adivasi, Characteristics, Cultures, Societies The word ‘tribe’ takes its origination from the old French tribe, referring Roman Ancient States (Ramnes, Tities, Luceres). Historically Tribes have existed as social groups comprising of distinct people dependent on their regional land for their livelihood and their self-sufficiency makes them partially independent of being integrated into the national … Read more